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Einleitung IV.3

as introduction to a
in atheistic thought

(1) ATHEODOC gives itself the great task of drafting a MAGNUS CONSENSUS in atheistic thought.

ATHEODOC invites everyone to participate in this project. It is time to once again move the zeitgeist in order to re-measure the dimensions of our humanity – without God, without religion, without church.

(2) As an atheistic encyclopaedia, ATHEODOC pursues three primary goals:

The presentation of atheism’s cumulative power of thought.

Atheism is a fantastic achievement of the thinking individual because: when reasoning without God, man liberates himself with utmost respect from a somehow supposedly transcendent world. Man thereby reaches a consciousness with which he completely stands in this world. This requires a secular theory of being – at least in elementary structures.

A vision of the vitality of the autonomous individual
This is about something extraordinary: About the personal power that lies in not believing in God, about the intellectual strength of reasoning and living without God: in short, about being atheist. It is about the personal freedom to answer to oneself and have the power to change one’s life. It is about the willingness to assume responsibility and to have the courage to promote the correct and the positively useful. Overall it is about the conviction that one needs to behave in a more self-aware manner: I cannot be where I am not.

An explanation of the cultural dimension of a society of atheists.

From the self-awareness of the strong I arises a new awareness of the strong We. A community is not good because many are weak and devote. Thus, the goal can only be a community of as many of the strongest as possible in all We aspects: in marriage, in family, in school, and at work, in friendship, in partnership, in neighbourship, as a citizen in the community and in the state. Only those who act with self-awareness can help mankind.  The most socially competent society is the greatest possible humanity of the strong.

(3) ATHEODOC in no way means obligation.

There is only the offer of and request for open collaboration. It is an especially liberating joy to rethink life and its possibilities and to develop new perspectives without obligation vis-à-vis old religious beliefs and theological dogmas. To reimagine the dimensions of humanity, liberated from the old compulsions of faith. Only those who have the openness and courage for visions can change their life in a worthwhile manner. The atheist can have this openness and courage. He can burst through the old religious boundaries and so liberated set forth into the new.