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It is a joy and a liberation

to rethink life and the manifold opportunities it offers without being bound by old religious ideas, to develop candid and objective perspectives free from theological dogma and to gain a fresh awareness of the chances and dimensions offered by human existence.

Anyone with the openness and courage to adopt a visionary approach is capable of changing their lives for the better. Atheists are able to display just such an openness and courage. Their conviction that there is no God enables them to demolish the obsolete limits of belief and enter a new feeling of awareness in which they alone take responsibility.

Atheism is a fantastic achievement by thinking mankind because

releasing ourselves from the concept that God is the highest religious authority allows us the greatest possible freedom from heteronomy. By removing ourselves from God’s paternalism we achieve an awareness which is purely secular. We thus develop into individuals who are able to exercise self-determination and responsibility. We become autonomous human beings.

This is the reason behind this new Atheist Encyclopaedia.

Its aim is to impart the INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM inherent within a thought system and a life which do not involve God. It seeks to establish a MAGNUS CONSENSUS linking atheist thinking with other people and therefore assist in bringing about a better understanding of and more robust support for ATHEIST BELIEF.